ZZR Made for the 60’s movie classic "Out of Sight"", a teenage James Bond spoof movie which incorporates the latest innovations for the super spy sleuth agent. This humorous rod creation was designed and built by Barris Kustoms. Designed and built in less than 3 weeks.

The body is constructed of Owens-Corning Fiberglass from a touring reproduction with double extended doors for easy exit and entry of occupants. The body is a kicked styled concept and incorporates the competition rake. This is mounted on a rectangular steel tubing stress spaced frame which supports all the center weight of distribution in balance with the engines and extra long wheel base.

Shell is made of steel with dual rectangular headlights imported from France. A all hand made double brass radiator is floating into the grille shell cradle. U swept design front fenders are made of tubing and fiberglass with two side mount spare tires covered in gold star flake naugahyde material. Reynolds Aluminum extrusions are used for inner fender panels. Rear fenders are matching design and mounted with extended tubing from body sides. Five note Italian air horn system plays the theme tune "Out of Sight" by pushing a button.

Dual 340 cubic inch 1966 Buick engines are coupled to operate singly or together through a tow speed automatic transmission. Overall length is 180 inches and wheel base is 135 inches. The unique adapter steel plate clutch assembly is attached to the engines cranks and engineered by Mr. Les Tompkins. All cooling tubes are stainless steel aircraft bellows between radiator and water pumps. Twin Hilborn injectors are mounted on the four barrel carburetor's for added fuel consumption. For the great amount of fuel equalization dual Dupree Chrome Dome electric fuel pumps are used on double switches and lines from a 10 gallon Moon spun gas tank.

Special effects incorporate dual hydraulic ramming spike tubes mounted in front off frame horns, push button flip running boards for shin breakers, occupant seat has attached locking arms that will push back automatically and hold the occupant in place, center roof escape hatch is flung off to draw occupant from additional seat. Rear attached parachute bellows 35 feet to the rear that engulfs pursuing vehicle and causes them to crash. The ends of the rear fenders shoots bullets at on coming vehicles. The locker trunk is a complete arsenal and is filled with machine guns, pistols, silencers, rockets, flares grenades, knives, brass knuckles, and also has a skid juice spreader that shoots liquid on the ground to spin out eluding vehicles. As an added humorous innovation to make the pursuing people uncomfortable there also tar and feather wind blowers to completely saturate them while in a chase scene. There is a complete screen that extends around the vehicle to make it a sign board along the side of the highway so as to be camouflaged from other agents. Mounted on the windshield is a unique flowerpot that has a button which reads ³Press to Smell² and when pushed you become engulfed in a sleeping gas. Ornamental Italian antique side rear view mirror finished in gold leaf twists and hits viewing people in the chin.

Star spoked Rader wheels made of alloy and and steel in front are 9 inch with 11 inch Firestone tires. Rear power thrust Rader wheels are 11 inch with 11 inch suction grip tires.

To finish off this definite 25th Century agent hot rod is 40 coats of golden fleece star flaked lacquer, two toned with ultra violet flaked fenders. Total value in the 60’s was $22,000.