Made by Barris from the 1970 American Motors AMX for 70’s TV show "Banacek" starring George Peppard. The first major modification was to lower the overall silhouette by chopping 4.5" out of the top section with a 2" slant on the windshield posts. To further the extreme fastback image, long tapering windsplits are streamlined louvers extending f rom the roof line to the lower panel. A courtesy safety lighting system was installed utilizing the louvers, with full red taillight and stop lights, full amber lights for deceleration and caution, and a full green light for forward motion.

All four wheel wells have been re-radiuses with the top portion of the radius flared and extended into the center of the door in front. The rear extends to the rear of the fender. The frontal area has been lengthened fifteen inches with a matching lower pan and louvered grille installation. The rear fenders were also extended to follow the streamlined windsplits. The hood has twin canted tunneled forced air scoops molded into the hood panel conforming with the fender line. Saddle antique and walnut was used with color combination in the interior.

The exterior finish consists of Murano Pearl uppertone with coordinated Rustic Orange along the lower section. The interior sports twin bucket seats with head rests and safety belts. The rear compartment has been completely carpeted and the dash has matched naugahyde crash padding. The louvers front and rear have been chrome plated along the leading edge with textured paint effect. SS Cragar wheels with chrome outer rims support the Firestone Wide Ovals sporting white lettering on the black sidewall.hing vinyl, and the major portion of each is finished in Snowflake metalflake pearl, which includes multi-colors of white pastel blues and yellows.