Construction began in 1957 from a 1929 Ford pick up truck. The back body section was taken from a 1927 "T" Roadster. The back end is all hand made. The hoods are three piece with a continuous scoop made of reynolds aluminum. The shell is made of hand formed metal and tubing. Quad lights are from a 1957 Imperial. All complete body work was done in 20 gauge cold roll metal.

The engine is Dodge Red Ram fuel injected with the Dupree chrome dome double electric fuel pump, Hunt Magnito Iske cam, Jahns racing pistons, Ansen rods and posi-shift. Rear end is from a late model Ford with complete hydraulic brakes. Emergency brake is electrical with switch mounted on the dash. Suspension system is all made up of 4 coil springs with adjustable air bags. Torsion bars are Traction Masters with stabilizers. Transmission is a Lincoln Zephry rear end and gears are a 354 ratio. Steering wheel is taken from a Lincoln Continental and complete dash is hand formed with S-W dials. Wheels are chrome reversed with spun bullets and Dunlap tires.

The top is all made of steel bows and covered with black naugahyde. The interior has split wrap around half circle seats done in white pearl naugahyde and black velvet with chrome beading between each pleat. Carpets are Mouton Black fur. Electrical system is 12 volt autolite. Underneath the flooring and pans are upholstered to match interior.

All four fenders have been bobbed and v-pointed and completely finished on the underside the same as the top side. Nerfing bars and exhaust system are chrome plated with ripple side racing pipes fitted on the shortened running boards. Finished off with forty coats of white diamond dust of pearl with projection scallops in Kandy Cerise and gold leaf with pin stripping hand rubbed to to a high luster.